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What is SaaS?

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a software delivery method that provides access to custom software and its functions remotely as a Web-based service.


What is Actionable Work Zone Intelligence?

Actionable intelligence is information that can be acted upon, with the further implication that actions should be taken.

Actionable intelligence, or actionable insight, is often spoken of in terms of big data, as much of the challenge inherent in the huge amounts of data being gathered is discovering elements within it that a transportation department or traffic manager to enhance performance. Actionable intelligence is the precursor to an automated Work Zone ITS system when identifying set points, or determining if further electronic devices should be deployed for influencing driver behavior, or other roadside communications methods.


What is Work Zone ITS?

ITS is the use of a broad range of communications-based information and electronics technologies to enhance transportation. These systems generally include:

• Sensors and other components in the field to collect traffic information, such as traffic volumes and speeds and video of traffic flow.

• Communications links (wireless and wired) to transmit that data for processing or dissemination.

• Software that processes and analyzes the data, converting it to information that can be used by other components and various users of the information.

• Electronic equipment to disseminate the processed information to end users of the information, such as motorists and transportation agencies.

What is Salander Saas?

Salander is a hosted custom software and technical services provider for Traffic Control Companies, Government Agencies, Consulting Engineering firms, Special Events, or anyone looking for a unique web service for short or long term durations. We provide assistance and tools for hardware configuration, user interfaces, systems integration, device selection, automation, data visualization and data mining. When providing services we act as the technical services provider integrating contractor field devices to the Agencies ATMS system.

I’m a Traffic Control Contractor, what can Salander do for us?

You know your market and industry, but you sometimes need experts or tools for going after new business. I liken it to when you hired an IT person after you added computers to the office. Salander is your roadside hardware IT support guys, with custom tools as a service for you to expand your expertise.

We don't own or manufacture roadside hardware, and we work for you as a technology partner. We have several years of experience in Intelligent Work Zone software/hardware and Temporary Traffic Control deployments, and have experience from your perspective. We can assist you in design, technical assistance, troubleshooting, training, etc.. We provide enterprise solutions, to project specific applications.

I’m a State Agency how can Salander help us?

Agencies continually struggle with technology expectations increasing, while budgets and manpower are decreasing. Salander is a software as a service, and our goal is to meet your technology advancement demands while positioning our staff and tools to work within your budget constraints.

What is the benefit of using Salander?

The real benefit is that we are an outside-of-the-box thinking company as it relates to this industry. Are staff is primarily geeks with traffic running through their veins, which gives us the ability to breath exhaust and look inside-out to solve transportation technology related issues.

Is Salander a Sub-Contractor?

No! We are a supplier of technology services like any other materials or services on a project.


How can our State Agency integrate Contractor portable devices into our “systems” more efficiently?

We have many options to streamline this process that will fit into your workflow while being equally mindful of the contractors workflow and later use of the equipment. We provide tools from either perspective, and most often these are automated outputs (i.e. XML, reports, email, CSV, etc.) rather than simply a User Interface.

Is Salander services secure?

At Salander we take security very seriously. We address security from the end device through to the web interface. It’s part of the design and integration of any project. We define the security from the end device, modem, systems integration, etc.

How is Salander different than other IWZ providers?

First, we don’t see ourselves as an IWZ provider..…you are. We have experience with them from integration, design, deployment, and management of them, however we are a resource (technology tools, geeks, know-how) for you to deploy and manage them while positioning your assets. We can assist you at every level, to handle a technology deployment, integration, and provide you proactive operations information to actively manage them efficiently. Another distinct difference is we provide transparent traffic and operations information to evaluate the performance of the traffic control measures in place. If your on a project now with traffic control, how is it performing?

I’m a Consultant Engineer tasked with monitoring traffic on existing or future work zones, how can Salander help us.

First we can help by aggregating the relevant data sources already available from the agency (i.e. ATMS/ATIS systems), coupled with portable data points. You tell us what information you are looking for, and we can deliver the data to you. Secondly we can assist you in writing the specifications for for projects where as you need to collect specific actionable data for communicating to the travel public, stakeholders, and MOT purposes.

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